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Tennessee's Honey Bees is located in Harrison, Tennessee 37341. We have been keeping Honey Bees here in Tennessee since 1986. We began on this adventure in Cleveland, Tennessee at the young age of 23.  Beekeeping is work and can at times be overwhelming to a new Beekeeper (BEEK).


You will learn that your Honey Bees will respond to the way you move and react around them but like most girls, they do have their days when they just want to be left alone! Our bees are very calm and from a high producing Honey Bee stock. When working the Honey Bees in our personal yard we rarely use smoke, unless we do something wrong. Do we recommend you not use smoke nor wear any protective gear, NO. We do leave the stingers in all of our female bees but make sure the drones have none.

Here at Tennessee's Honey Bees we also sell Honey Bee packages that average approximately 3 +/- lbs, 5 frame nucs, single 10 frames deep Honey Bee Hives, as well as rent and manage Nucs and Single deeps hives for the customers who request it.

We became fascinated with and acquired our first hive of Honey Bees in 1986 and we have as of yet to regret it. We would sit beside the beehive for hours after work and just watch them work and knowing they did nothing for themselves but everything was done for the colony.

As most new beekeepers do, we also thought the Queen was the one running the hive, the boss! Through the years paying attention as well as talking to older beekeepers we came to realize that the Queen controlled nothing as her job was no more than to lay eggs. We found out that when she became too old or injured or was just not that good at her job that the other female bees would select young eggs and create a new Queen to replace the old one and even possibly help kill the old queen.

We have owned and ran other successful business as the years have past and we did learn a few things along the way. We have always tried to do what we thought was right and never offer to sell something to our customers that we would not want to purchase ourselves. When we make an appointment we always try to be the one that is early to arrive. We never did mind spending a little extra money as long as we thought we were getting a good deal.

We still strive to do the things that we have learned through the years and apply them even today. If you have any questions feel free to ask us. If we do not know we will tell you so but we will also make every attempt we can to find that answer so that that question is asked again we are ready.

If there is a product you are interested in feel free to let us know and we will make every efort to find it for you at the best possible price that we can and sell at the lowest price we can.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and be sure to mention us to your friends.


Feel free to check out our  Facebook Page and Youtube channel as well as our Tennessee's Honey Bees Swarm Recovery Forum


On our YouTube channel, we just try to make videos for people that request them and we do not claim to be YouTube Superstars who are more interested in the number of viewers they can get. We try to take the time to make the assistance we provide as personal as we can.


If you have any suggestions or requests feel free to let us know.

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