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Honey Bees - For Rent


Want the benefits of having bees without the commitment?


Want to know the approximate cost to begin Beekeeping? Feel free to read Cost of Beekeeping.

Rent-A-Hive is this the same as a pollination service?

We like to think they are 2 completely different services. Pollination services normally charge more per hive that you want to be placed on your property than a Rent-A-Hive program does for a much shorter interval of time with no additional benefits after the contract is up.

A Pollination service is all about keeping the bees in an area as long as someone will pay for them to sit in an area while fruit or vegetable is blossoming or in bloom. The sole purpose of the Honey Bees is to pollinate a crop. After this time they will move the hives on to other areas and/or blooming crops. As soon as one crop is done, they may move their Honey Bees across the state or possibly all the way across the country. Some Beekeepers offering pollination services will sell off their Honey Bees as soon as a crop's pollination time has passed. They may have purchased them just before the pollination season has begun.

The Rent-A-Hive program we are offering is more for someone who may need Honey Bees for their crops, large or small, and want the Honey Bees to stay on their property for an agreed-upon amount of time. The benefit to renting a hive of a few hives is that the owner is the one who will come by at agreed-upon intervals and care for the Honey Bees.

Tennessee’s Honey Bees will work with you on choosing a good location to sit the hive(s). They will monitor and treat the Honey Bees for pests and diseases.  You will not need to purchase any gear to work in the Honey Beehive since this will already be taken care of by Tennessee’s Honey Bees. Be aware that we leave the stingers in the Honey Bees we keep and there is always the possibility you or someone else could be stung.

At the agreed-upon time, usually, 1 season from early April until late September, if and when the honey is harvested you have the opportunity to receive an agreed upon amount of honey from the Honey Beehive that was on your property. There is never a guarantee that any honey will be produced but there is a very good chance there will be.

You agree to notify Tennessee’s Honey Bees at the first sign that something is disturbing the Honey Beehive(s) you have rented. You also will have to agree to spray no pesticides near any areas that you see Honey Bees visiting or if you notice someone else in the general vicinity is spraying pesticides that could harm the Honey Bees you have rented. You will agree to help protect the hives you are renting so that you can enjoy the benefits of having Honey Bees nearby to assist in pollinating your craps as well as a very good possibility of receiving some free honey that came from the Honey Bees on your property.


Tennessee's Honey Bees offers the Rent-a-Hive Program. This program is great for backyard gardens, farms, CSAs, orchards, and community gardens. The bees will pollinate and increase yields, all without you having to do anything with them. We will set out the hives, maintain them monthly, and pick them up after the season is done.


Renting bees gives you the benefits of having bees on your property without the hassle. You don’t have to deal with the expense of purchasing equipment, maintaining the hives all season, and then wondering what to do with them for the winter. In our harsh climate, it is hard to over-winter bees. Often, they don’t make it through. Then you have to purchase new bees again in the spring.


We will deliver and set up hive(s) at your location. Bees will be on your property for the whole growing season. They will be dropped off in the first part of May. Customers can request a later drop-off, but the price remains the same. Hives will be picked up the first part of September. Customers can request an early pickup.


Hives will be inspected by us monthly unless a problem or concern arises sooner. The customer does not need to do anything with the hive(s) throughout the season. If interested, you can observe and ask questions while we are doing our monthly checkup. Protective gear is advised.


At the season’s end, the customer has the potential of receiving 3 lbs. (1 quart) of honey per hive and/or 1 1/2 lbs. (1 pint) per Nucleus Hive from the rented Honey Bees on their property.


If interested in the Rent-a-Hive Program, we will need to set up a time to come to your property to discuss the best location for the hive(s) before we can deliver bees. This is a free service for you so that we have the opportunity to meet and we can answer any questions that you may have.


Tennessee's Honey Bees and the customer will sign a contract covering dates, services, and fees. The contract needs to be signed and fees collected before delivery of hives to your property.


Click here to print or review the Rent-a-Hive Agreement.

Rent-a-Hive Program Costs

Hive Rental
*This fee covers the monthly inspections we will provide.

Single-deep hive with w/ Medium supers.

Each hive will have a bottom board.

((1) Single-deep hive – $225 per hive = $225.00
(2) Single-deep hives – $220 per hive = $440.00
(3) Single-deep hives – $210 per hive = $630.00
(4) Single-deep hives – $200 per hive = $800.00
(5-10) Single-deep hive an additional $200.00 per hive

*** For the person with a smaller area ***

5 frame Nucleus Hive Single Deep w/ deep Super

(1) Nucleus Hive - $175.00 per hive = $175.00
(2) Nucleus Hive - $150.00 per hive = $300.00
(3) Nucleus Hive - $125.00 per hive = $375.00
(4) Nucleus Hive - $100.00 per hive = $400.00
(5-10) Nucleus hive an additional $100.00 per Nuc

The hives can all be placed together or set in different locations on your property.

Delivery Fee

*Based upon distance from our location in Harrison, Tennessee (zip code 37341)
*This fee covers us delivering hive(s) to your property in May and picking them up again in August.

10 Frame Hives:

*1-5 hives (Set up on bottom boards)
$200.00 set-up fee + $1.00 per mile (round-trip)


*6-10 hives (Set up on bottom boards)
$175.00 set-up fee + $1.00 per mile (round-trip)

5 Frame Nucleus Hives (Nucs)

*1-5 Nucleus Hives (Set up)
$150.00 set-up fee + $1.00 per mile (round-trip)


*6-10 Nucleus Hives (Set up)
$125.00 set-up fee + $1.00 per mile (round-trip)


How many Hives / Nucs do I need?


More pollinators give you higher yields. The following are general guidelines.


Home Garden –1-2 hives per acre

Berries, Orchards, Intensive Gardening (CSAs and community gardens), Field Crops –2-3 hives per acre.


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