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5 Frame Nucleous Hive

Nucs, or nucleus colonies, are small honey bee colonies created from larger colonies. The term refers both to the smaller size box and the colony of honeybees within it. The name is derived from the fact that a nuc hive is centered on a queen, the nucleus of the honey bee colony.

A nuc hive has all the features of a standard 10 frame Langstroth hive except with a reduced width.  A typical nuc has 5 Langstroth frames arranged side-by-side.

Nuclei can also be created using other hive dimensions, with the British modified national hive being the most common in the United Kingdom. According to FERA's National Bee Unit guidelines, the nucleus should be between 3-6 frames of bees, including a queen, workers, brood in all stages, and honey stores.

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