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10 Frame Langstroth Hive

In modern beekeeping, a Langstroth hive is any vertically modular beehive that has the key features of:

Vertically hung frames
Bottom board with entrance for the bees
Boxes containing frames for brood and honey: the lowest box of the hive for the queen to lay eggs, and boxes above where honey may be stored.
Inner cover and top cap to provide weather protection.

The standard beehive used in many parts of the world for beekeeping is based on the Langstroth hive. The advantage of this type of hive is that the bees build honeycomb into frames, which can be moved with ease. The frames are designed to prevent bees from attaching honeycombs where they would either connect adjacent frames, or connect frames to the walls of the hive. The movable frames allow the beekeeper to manage the bees in a way which was formerly impossible.

Modern Langstroth hives have different dimensions from L. L. Lang troth’s beehive that was originally patented in 1852 and manufactured until approximately 1920, but retain the main features of allowing bee space as well as easy access which works well for the bees but also makes management of the beehive easier for the beekeeper.

The original Langstroth hive had a portico entrance, integrated floor and non-removable brood box, a single removable honey box (using the same frame size as the brood box) that sat inside an outer box that extended from the brood box, and a hinged roof. L. L. Lang troth’s famous book on beekeeping went through several editions until about 1900, but in all of them the hive that is illustrated is the same as the original design.


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