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Clothing / Protective Gear

As a beekeeper, protective clothing is important feeling comfortable. There are lots of options on what to wear. Here are the top five factors that typically drive your decision:

  • Past Experience. Each hive tends to have a unique “personality.” Has this hive been nasty in the past? Let past behavior inform your decision on how to dress.
  • Time of Year. Bees tend to be more aggressive in the fall than in the spring. This is primarily because robbing behavior is heightened from lack of forage, bees are older and winter is coming!
  • Time of Day. There are fewer bees in the hive at the hottest part of a sunny day. Fewer bees means less stinging opportunities.
  • Your Purpose. Why are you going into the hive? If it is to top off feed you may not need as much protective gear than if you were to do a sugar shake Varroa test.
  • Your Comfort Level! Whatever you need to feel comfortable is exactly what you should be wearing.

While no protective clothing is sting proof we offer many options for the beekeeper, the looker-on and the kids!

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