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Suits and Jackets

As a beekeeper, you will find times when you will want wear a jacket or suit. Our jackets / suits come in several styles and fabric choices. We mainly carry the 3 Layer Ventilated beekeeping Jacket. 


In general, people wear jackets if wearing heavy pants and boots. Suits are preferred for those who want more protection, or want to be able to wear lighter clothing underneath.  If you are more interested ina 3 Layer Ventilated Beekeeping Suit please let us know the size you are interested in and we will special order it just for you.


All of our jackets/suits come with a fencing veil included and we offer replacement round veils if one is needed.


When washing please remove the veil and hand wash it separately, allowing both the jacket or suit and veil to air dry. If cared for, our jackets and suits for the beekeeper will provide you with years of protection.


We make every effort to keep all sizes in stock but
there will be times we are waiting on orders to arrive.


If we show that we are out of an item please bring it to our attention!


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3lb Packages
include a
Caged & Mated
Queen Bee

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