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Suits and Jackets

As a beekeeper, you will find times when you will want to wear a jacket or suit. Our jackets/suits come in several styles and fabric choices. The 3 Layer Ventilated beekeeping Jacket that comes with both a fencing and round veil is our best seller.


In general, people wear jackets if wearing heavy pants and boots. Suits are preferred for those who want more protection or want to be able to wear lighter clothing underneath.  If you are interested ina 3 Layer Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket or Suit please let us know the size you are interested in and we will special order it just for you.

We have recently began offering 3D Mesh Ventilated Jackets and Suits. They also come with a fencing and round veil included.

All of  our JAckets and Suits are special ordered items and will only be ordered from the manufacture after they have been ordered from us as we keep none in stock of either type, this is one of the ways we can offer these products at such low pricing.


All of our jackets/suits come with a Fencing veil and at round veils included with the products.


When washing please remove the veil and hand wash it separately, allowing both the Jacket or Suit and veil to air dry. If cared for, our Jackets and Suits for the beekeeper will provide you with years of protection.


We are currently working on negotiating pricing with our suppliers in an effort to again get you the lowest prices for the best quality products.

As soon as we can lock a price in we will again begin constantly reordering clothing each Friday based on the needed quantities and sizes ordered from this website!

We will do everything within our power to make sure to keep you updated when the products are shipped to you!

Orders are sent to the Manufacture each Friday so if you order early in the week or on the weekend it may take your order longer to get through the process. The part that takes the longest is shipping to us and coming through customs. As soon as we deliver your order to be shipped to you we will provide the tracking information provided by the shipper. The total process, depending on what day you place your order, can take 3 to 4 weeks.


If at any time that you feel you can do a better job at this than we can,
feel free to let us know how that works out for you.





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