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Swarm Patrol T-shirts

Tennessee's Honey Bees Swarm Patrol T-shirts are coming. Purchase one of our Swarm Patrol T-shirts to help support the recovery of Honey Bee Swarms.

This will assist us in providing any new swarm we are contacted to remove with a New 10 Frame Langstroth deep hive box and neecessities,
If it is a smaller scolony then as soon as it get large enough, and any treat ments and medications/feed they may need.

We will be offering the Tennesse's Honey Bees Swarm Patrol T-shirts in just 2 colors, Black and White.
This helps keep the cost down on having them produced but it at least gives you a choice between them.

They will range in sizes from Medium to XX-Large, again to assist in the cost.
If you wish to order a different size and want to pre-pay for what you want, then we will get that in one the next order!

Tennessee's Honey Bees Swarm Patrol T-shirts.

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3lb Packages
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Caged & Mated
Queen Bee

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