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Small Hive Beetles

The small hive beetle is a beekeeping pest. It is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, but has spread to many other locations, including North America, Australia, and the Philippines. The small hive beetle can be a destructive pest of honey bee colonies, causing damage to comb, stored honey, and pollen.

Beetle Blaster: "Oil Trap"

Beetle Blaster is a plastic device inserted between frames in a hive to trap Small Hive Beetles (SHB) and thereby protect healthy honeybee colonies. It also acts as a very effective sentinel device.

Beetle Barn: " Bait Trap"

Place small piece of Check-Mite in middle and close top. Place Beetle Barn on top of frames or on bottom board.

Beetle Shims (Baffles): "Beetle Isolating device"

Many shapes and designs primarily of metal that go below the brood chanbers and attempt to keep the SHB from gaining addmittance into the hive

Lure Traps: "Lures"

Multiple designs, many home made, that will attempt to lure the SHB into a trapping device  before they can enter into the Honey Bee hive.


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