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Varroa mites


Varroa mites are annoying pests that every beekeeper loves to eliminate. They can ruin the entire honey bee colony if left untreated. There are an array of methods that can be done to control and even completely remove thesm. Chemical treatmentss can eradicate them completely while physical, behavioral, and mechanical methods can control varroa mite population.

OThe chemical approach is the most common method to treat for varroa mites. There are two forms of Chemical treatments:

Synthetic chemicals:

include pyrethroid insecticide as strips, organophosphate insecticide also as strips, and Manley’s Thymol Crystal as food.

Naturally occurring chemicals:

include formic acid as pads or vapor, powdered sugar to be sprinkled on bees, essential oils like mint, lemon, and thyme, sugar esters, oxalic acid as vapor, mineral oil also as vapor or direct application, and natural hops in strip applications. Natural chemicals are a proven varroa mite treatment with proper application is followed to avoid mite resistance to the treatment.

There are plenty of chemicals used to treat for varroa mites. You can go to Google and simply search for an treatment.
The problem is which one works the best.

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