Welcome, we made it to 2019!! ** Spring is just around the corner - Check back often for specials **

Special Orders

The following are items that we can offer for a limited time and in limited quantities.


These are commercial grade boxes with screwed down tops for easy removal and screened bottoms for safe transport.


As with anything that has to do with Honey bees the Pickup dates are subject to change due to the intervention of Mother Nature, We will make every effort to give up too a 2 week notice prior to the pick up date!


Boxes will be treated for Varroa* Mites prior to pickup dates.
* Varroa Destructor - (Varroa spp.) is an external parasitic mite that attacks the honey bees and is considered the number one cause of colony collapse.


All Special Orders for Honey Bee Hives and Nucs will be paid in full and the cost is Not Refundable. If you cannot pickup your bees or change your mind, then you will be held responsible for the full price due to the handling , feeding and general caring for the Honey bees.


If for some reason Mother Nature decides she does not want this to happen then, we will happily refund the total cost to you for any items that are undeliverable.


You do have the option of reselling your order to another party but it is your responsibility.

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3lb Packages
include a
Caged & Mated
Queen Bee

Tennessee's Honey Bees