** New $35.00 - 3-Layer Ventilated Jacket - Now comes with 2 Veils **
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Here at Tennessee's Honey Bees we are always looking for the best deals that we can supply to the Tennessee Honey Bee Beekeeper.

We will not sacrifice quality to save money. We tell any supplier that wishes to do business with us this exact same thing.

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We are constantly striving to perform this service and we do it so that anyone can afford to become a beekeeper and not have to continue to pay the higher prices af the much larger stores.

Feel free to check back with us often to see what we have found or even better ask us to locate an item and we will do our best to perform this service and if we can get enough interest we will make every effort to locate it at the best possible prices that we can.

At Tennessee's Honey Bees LLC we are now offering a 3 Layer Mesh Ventilated Beekeepers Jackets with a Standard Fencing veil or Round Veil. We will no longer be offering any Jackets or SUits with the Drinking Style Fencing veil due to a Patent Panding on the design. After talking to the patent holder I let him know we would no longer be offering them.

Feel free to ask questions you may have on the Jackets

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3lb Packages
include a
Caged & Mated
Queen Bee

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