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Article Date(s):12/25/2020

Beekeeping is something that almost anyone can do but it does take work and a bit of dedication. It is not like back in the early 1980s where you could just put them into a hive and they would pretty much raise themselves.

People now inbreed their so-called calm, docile, or no sting bees so much that they truly can no longer defend themselves as they used to. Not that all bees are aggressive but they should naturally be willing to defend their hive when anything decides to invade it.  You can lessen the likely hood of getting covered in bees by learning to slow down and take your time and be deliberate in what you are doing any time you enter into your beehives. Learn how not to pop the lids as you are opening them up, learn how to slow down your movement, and not just be flailing about with jerky movements.

Learn to do what I try to tell people to do and "Think like a bee"! What does this mean? All most beekeepers do is try to get the latest and greatest designs of beehives, frames, tools, and so on. The YouTube superstars try to tell you the only way to do things is their way or you are doing it wrong when all they truly care about is gaining viewers and in the end $$$$.

What type of hive?  Think like a bee!!   Bees pick all different types of trees, buildings, cars, campers, water meters, electric boxes, concrete walls, wooden walls, old furniture, under mobile homes, in the city, in sub-divisions, in-country cottages, vacation homes in the mountains, kids playhouses, I have even performed cutouts from fieldstone walls in million dollar plus homes on the river.

What size boxes?  Think like a bee!!  Most will tell you that the standard is a Langstroth hive, which I prefer, with a single or double deep brood box with either deep, medium, or shallow boxes to use as supers for honey. Why? Because this is what most people use or were told they should use. Think of it this way what size box do bees normally use? Again you can look at the earlier list and see they seem to be using all types of areas and sizes of the area that will change as the size of the colony gets to the point it feels it can no longer fit and they will then split and swarm to make the room as well as to increase the number of colonies out there.

Now, what would I recommend?  Think of this. How much does a box full of honey weigh? a full ten-frame deep weighs approximately 80-90 pounds (36-41 kg), and a full ten-frame medium weighs approximately 65-75 pounds (29-34 kg). Now just looking at this you may think " I will just use all Deeps for my honey supers" But some of these hives may be up to 4'+ tall if you manage them correctly. Then you say OK I will use deep brood boxes and medium supers. Now, this will lower the weight of the actual boxes you may need to move to just inspect your bees but there is still a problem most people never see.  See the attached PDF document for more information.

I would recommend using all medium equipment for Brood and Honey Production. This way all you have to do is buy or build one size of equipment instead of 2 or 3 sizes. Deep, Medium, Shallow

Now how fast can you girls grow? You can download this Excel Spreadsheet it may help with this detail but it can vary!

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Feel free to share this info with your friends as it is always better to be a beekeeper when you have others you can share ideas with.


Hopefully, this will help and not confuse you too much.!!


Have a great day,


Dewey Massey

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