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Honey B Healthy Recipe 3

Recipe 3


10 drops spearmint essential oil

10 drops lemongrass essential oil

5 drops eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops tea tree essential oil

1/4 tsp lecithin granules

2 cups hot water


Add all ingredients to a blender and emulsify on high speed for 5 minutes.

Add this mixture to a quart jar and fill with water to full.


You now have a concentrate which you will use to make smaller batches. Add 2 Tblsp of the concentrate to 1 gallon of 2:1 sugar syrup and feed to your bees.

In Swarm Traps:

Use recipe #2 for swarm traps by placing several drops of the honey bee healthy recipe concentrate in your trap box before placing it on location.

Active Ingredients:

Spearmint essential oil helps with tracheal mites

Lemongrass essential oil is an attractant

Eucalyptus essential oil is good to repel small hive beetle and mites

Tea tree essential oil is an anti-fungal and antimicrobial

Lecithin is good for overall health

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