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Candy Board

Candy Board
: Winter feeding.
The formula for the fondant candy supplied by Dr. Roger Hoopingarner
15 lbs. sugar
3 lbs. white corn syrup
4 cups water
½ tsp. cream of tartar
(smaller quantities can be made using the ratios above)
Dissolve the sugar in water and stir while heating the mixture to 240 degrees F. Let the syrup cool to about 180 degrees F., then beat until thickened and pour into the board ( like an inner cover with higher sides and no hole) to harden. Once the candy is hardened boards can be put onto the colonies candy side down over the top frames. Some beekeepers pour the candy into wax paper lined molds and then put these blocks on the frames while the inner cover is placed, with the deep side down, over them. Make the blocks no thicker than the depth of the inner cover rim.

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