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General Purpose Essential Oil Mixture

General Purpose Essential Oil Mixture

A commercial, general purpose essential oil product for bees that is similar to the following recipe claims many benefits, but many of those claims have yet to be proven. The following recipe may work about as well as that product. It has been known to occasionally cause Robbing behavior due to its great appeal to bees.


    5 cups water
    2 1/2 pounds of sugar
    1/8 teaspoon lecithin granules (used as an emulsifier)
    15 drops spearmint oil
    15 drops lemongrass oil


Bring the water to a boil and integrate the sugar until dissolved. Once the sugar is dissolved remove the mixture from the heat and quickly add the lecithin and the essential oils. Stir until everything is evenly distributed. This solution should have a strong scent and not be left open around bees. Cool before using.

Smokeless Smoke


A solution of general purpose essential oil mixture and 1:1 syrup can be mixed and used in a standard spray or misting bottle. This solution reportedly has varied effects depending on the specific history of the hive. Because of differences between each hive it, is best to try a ten to one [1:10?] mixture of essential oil mixture to syrup and vary the ratio as necessary. Have your smoker readily available during your first few trials in case the bees don’t react to the solution.

Essential Oil Scent Masking Syrup


Nearly any essential oil can be mixed with a 1:1 syrup solution to mask an undesired scent in the hive. Among other uses, a masking syrup can be used during queen introduction or when joining two hives. Simply add the desired amount of oils to the syrup. The stronger the scent, the better it will serve to mask other scents, though be frugal as essential oils have a strong smell.


One of the more common oils to use is peppermint oil, but be sure not to use banana oil.

Scent Masking Syrup


An inexpensive scent masking syrup can be used similarly as the recipe for essential oil scent masking syrup. Simply prepare a 1:1 syrup and one or two crushed peppermint candies for every two cups of prepared solution. Load the solution into a spray bottle and use as needed.

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