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Aggressive Honey Bees

Aggressive Honey Bees

are just defensive bees.


First off there are many beekeepers that sell the Honey Bees they raise and say “We raise and sell stingless Honey Bees” or “Our Honey Bees do not sting”, the best thing to do is get this in writing! I will guarantee none will give you this in writing on a signed and dated document.


If you can get such a document and the first time you get stung by their stingless/calm bees, sue that person for false advertising and anything else you can get your attorney to sue them for.


What will this do? Stop the idiots from making such claims.


If they still want to make these claims with their stock of so called "Gentle Bees",

have them prove it such as in this YouTube video from 2016:
And someone please document this on video for us all to see!


Breeding Gentle Bees


I can and do promise that the Honey Bees that we do have, have had and will have, do have their stingers still in place and they know how to use them in defense of their colonies. If you misbehave or are not docile and gentle with them or your actions are too jerky and non-deliberate the Honey Bees will let you know.


There are several reasons that these Honey Bees may become agitated and therefore, slightly more aggressive, during certain times of the year, in certain circumstances, and more. Most Honey Bee beekeepers, as they get more experienced, will learn to predict how their bees will behave and can make necessary adjustments before their bees become aggressive.


Why do bees become aggressive?

Bees get aggressive because of the following reasons:

No certain order

  • Clumsy Beekeepers (YES, we HUMANS are a main reason)
  • Your beehive is queen-less
  • There is a new queen
  • Predators (yes even that gorgeous Blue Tailed Skink)
  • The bee colony is growing rapidly
  • Nectar dearth
  • Incorrect usage of the bee smoker
  • Bee colony does not feel safe (Robbing)
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Bothering the bees too much
  • Not enough food
  • Beehive is placed in a vulnerable location
  • Genetics
  • The Pantry is Full and Winter is Coming


Here are a few tips to calm down your beehive:

No certain order


  • Re-queen (Natural Supersedure cannot guarantee the genetics nor disposition of a queens offspring)
  • Wear white (keep your gear clean and scent free)
  • Feed your Bees
  • Take your time with your bees (stop what you are doing and come back at a later time or day)
  • Remain relaxed while working with your bees (Be Purposeful but Relaxed When Visiting the Hive)
  • Open your hives less frequently
  • Don’t work with your bees in bad weather (avoid, rainy overcast and windy days)
  • Use Robbing Screens and Entrance Reducers (make the hive easier to protect)
  • Keep in mind that bee aggression is temporary
  • Use your bee smoker correctly
  • Pay attention to the girls, they will let you know what you are doing wrong!


Some good advice is to for you to seek the knowledge and support of an experienced beekeeper!


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