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New Beekeepers Advice





New beekeepers have a lot to learn and there is information all over the interenetand everyone is going to attempt to teach you and convince you that the way they show you is the only way things can be done successfully.


You will find that the beekeeping world is full of people that are only interested in taking your money and then leaving you to fend for yourself.


You will see, meet, and here of gurus that know it all! I try to steer away from them as if I have learned nothing since I got my first hive at the age of 23, in 1986, is that the is no one way to do things in the honey bee world.


I would recommend that if you must follow someone elses methods is that you just follow one person and their methods alone.


If you try to follow everything you see and here you will definitely be purchasing more Honey Bees next season.

Fell free to look through the information that we supply as it is our own way of doing things as we have found that it is what works best for us.


If someone appears to be a GURU, Internet Superstar or is trying to sell you something that just appears to be the cure all of all cure alls in the Honey Bee world I would tell you to look else where other than them.


Becoming a Honey Bee Keeper is not easy and it does cost money!

Feel free to email us if you have any questions and we will do our best to either answer your question or find you the answer.


Welcome to the world of Honey Bee Keeping!

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