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Monthly Rental - Single Deep Hive w/ 1 Med Super

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Want to know the approximate cost to begin Beekeeping? Feel free to read Cost of Beekeeping.


Tennessee's Honey Bees offers the Rent-a-Hive Program. This program is great for backyard gardens, farms, CSAs, orchards, and community gardens. The bees will pollinate and increase yields, and all without you having to do anything with them. We will set out the hives, maintain them monthly, and pick them up after the season is done.


Hive bodies and hive supers are rectangular boxes with relatively standardized dimensions, but with variations between countries and regions. Outside box dimensions also vary depending on the type of material used; for example, polystyrene boxes have much larger outside dimensions than boxes made out of wood.


Three heights of boxes are standard: Deep, Medium and Shallow. Deep and medium hive bodies are provided for the brood chamber. Medium and shallow supers are used for honey stores. The frames rest on a rabbeted side along both ends of each box.


The deep hive body is normally used only for brood, as it becomes too heavy to handle manually if it becomes filled with honey. Shallow supers are not ideal for the brood chamber of the hive because the bees need to form a single compact sphere during the cold winter months — a sphere that can expand and contract without being divided by a horizontal plane in the middle caused by the gaps between combs in multiple hive bodies. Commercial operations usually use one or two deep hive bodies for brood, and additional shallow boxes for honey supers. Some hobbyists prefer to standardize on all "medium".


The hive body or hive super holds 8 to 10 frames that are standardized in length. The frames hold the foundation and the honeycomb that is built on it.


Hive equipment manufacturers will often produce bodies and supers that vary from other manufacturers though the differences are generally 1/8th of an inch or less.


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