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Rapid Feeder - 1/2 gal Hive top feeder


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Round plastic rapid feeders. Holds approx. 4 pints of syrup. The center inner cover (cup) prevents bees from escaping into the round rapid feeder from below and the top outer cover prevents access from the outside. The 1/2 gallon round rapid feeder had ridges on the center cone to assist the Honey Bees with climbing to access the supplied food source. The round rapid feeders sold by Tennessee’s Honey Bees can be refilled with ease without removing the round rapid feeder from the hive and without exposing yourself to the Honey Bees.

  • Fits inside an 8 or 10-frame super and holds approximately 1/2 gallon of syrup
  • Clear cap reduces risk of drowning
  • Placed over the inner covers center hole, it allows the bees access up through the center
  • Measures 8.46 in. diameter and 3.6 in. deep
  • Made of high quality durable plastic safe for bees
  • Can be placed in the dishwasher to clean when it is needed ( we recommend no detergent be used )



The round rapid feeder holds approximately 4 pints = 2.25 litres = 1/2 gallon

Size (W x H): 8.46" Diameter x 3.6" High

Rapid Feeders come in several shapes and sizes including round, square and rectangular. At Tennessee’s Honey Bees we offer the round rapid feeder in the 8.46 inch diameter size as this works best for our customers. The round rapid feeders sold by Tennessee’s Honey Bees are now made from a dishwasher safe plastic.

Our customers think the smaller diameter round round rapid feeders, sold by Tennessee's Honey Bees, work better inside standard sized beehive components. They work best when covered with a spare empty super, without frames, and sitting on the center opening of an inner cover with a top cover installed on the hive to conceal everything inside. This works well to prevent the chance of a robbing situation as the round rapid feeder will be totally enclosed in the top of your Honey Bee hive. 

Here at Tennessee’s Honey Bees we have found the round rapid feeders, we offer to our customers, are easily filled up at dusk or dawn with no need to wear protective clothing since you are not exposing yourself to the Honey Bees. The feed can be given over a lengthy period in the round rapid feeders, so the queen can start laying without being crowded out, as can happen when the larger frame feeders are used and placed inside of the brood chamber. 

The round rapid feeder works best when placed inside an empty super sitting on top of an inner cover, to avoid the roof resting directly on it, and possibly blowing off in the wind.

You can sit the round rapid feeders directly on the frames of a lower box but have it inside an empty supper with the top installed to prevent drowning of honey Bees in the approximately 1/2 gallon capacity bowl.

 When you have finished utilizing the round rapid feeder just remove it as well as the empty super. Place the Top cover back into position of your Honey Bee hive and after cleaning the round rapid feeder and storing your parts, they will be ready for use at a later date when needed.

The components, when the round rapid feeder is disassembled, are easily stackable for storing during the off season.

You can use round rapid feeder to feed syrup in the warmer months and remove the inner cup and reinstall the outer top cover to feed dry sugar in the colder months. The dry sugar should assist in absorbing moisture inside of your Honey Bee Hive during the colder months.

  • Model: TNHB-RPD-FDR- .5gal
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  • Manufactured by: Thorne


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