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3 - Layer Ventilated Beekeeper's Jacket

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3-Layer Mesh Beekeeper’s Ventilated Jackets

These are the last of the Jackets we will be getting in for the year 2020.
The next shipments and orders will take place in early Spring 2021.

Pay attention to the variables as you make your selections as not all of these in-stock items
come with both veils and will only include the veils list and selected in the variables.

The 3-Layer ventilated beekeeping jacket being offered, by Tennessee's Honey Bees LLC, comes with the veils selected in the variables. It is the best choice for protecting the beekeeper from stings while still being comfortable. The 3-Layer ventilated mesh will help to keep you cool by allowing the breeze to come through the material. The 3-Layer ventilated beekeeping jacket being offered by Tennessee's Honey Bees LLC keeps bees and their stingers out.

We have done the work to bring these 3-Layer ventilated beekeeper’s jackets to you at the best possible prices

  • These jackets for the 2021 season are only ordered when quantities are placed so as to keep the shipping and final cost to you as low as we possibly can. If you place an order, you will be notified as soon as they arrive at our location. Our goal is to place a new order each Friday and keep the customer notified through the process.
  • The 3-Layer ventilated beekeeper’s jacket comes with a comfortable fencing veil that keeps the heavy-duty screen from touching your face while working with your bees. The veil gives you great visibility and sits nicely on your head while still keeping the top, front, and back of your head safe without the need for an extra hat.
  • The 3-Layer ventilated beekeepers jacket fencing veil is interchangeable with the round veils that we offer so that you can adapt your 3-Layer ventilated beekeeper’s jacket to meet your ever-changing needs.
  • The Suit / Jacket will include either Plastic YKK or SBS zippers and we try to feature large pull rings on every zipper to make it easier to open and close with or without gloves on but there will be times that the pull rings may not be available. We try to make these adjustments to help in keeping the cost as low as we possibly can. The larger zipper pulls rings, when they are available,  make it easier when you take your jacket/suit off or put it on, even when wearing gloves.
    Metal Zippers will be offered as an option at an additional cost to the customer.
  • 3-Layer ventilated mesh around the entire jacket and the mesh used for the veil allows for full air circulation, helping to keep you cooler while working with your bees. The 3-Layer ventilated mesh is thick enough to keep bees from stinging through.
  • The 3-Layer ventilated beekeeper jacket offered by Tennessee's Honey Bees does allow air to blow through to allow the evaporation process of moisture and the cooling effect of the wind to keep you cooler. Remember to always keep plenty of fluids nearby since on those hot days when it is in the upper 90's plus and no wind blowing you can dehydrate and overheat very quickly!

Images are for representation purposes only and may not represent the final product.
Alterations to the design can be made at Tennessee's Honey Bees LLC and the Manufactures' mutual consent.
Minor Adjustments as deemed necessary to the Jacket & Suit Veils, Zipper Design, Pockets Design, Placement, and Pocket Count.
Major Design changes will be relayed to the customers as deemed necessary by Tennessee's Honey Bees LLC.
Customer input will always be considered in the final design but is not the final deciding factor.


Sizing tips:


Tennessee's Honey Bees LLC's best advice for buying beekeeping jackets is to buy one size up to keep the jacket from being restrictive. We have tried to work with the supplier and design the jacket to fit a little more loosely and comfortably where you need it to. We personally wear one jacket size larger than our winter jackets. Use the sizing chart below to get a better understanding of how our jackets will fit you.

Click here to see the Sizing charts:

*The Fencing veils we offer are not of the Drinking Veil design that has a US Patent Pending, which was filed for by Walter Chapman.

You can find out more info at this link: EASY ACCESS BEEKEEPER'S VEIL

The 3-Layer Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket features a simplified, yet excellent design.
These jackets have been designed using high-quality materials so they are quite durable.

They are quite easy to maintain:

The jacket can be machine washed on the cold setting without bleach, however, it should not be twisted or wrung, as this can damage it.

It is recommended to Hang the Garment up to AIR DRY
The hood should be hand washed separately however.


We keep none of these jackets in stock and
only order them after your order has been placed with us!

We are constantly reordering in needed quantities and sizes!

We place our orders with the manufacture each Friday
Only in the needed quantities and sizes to cover the orders that our customers have placed with us

We will do everything within our power to make sure to keep you updated during the ordering and shipping process. Orders are sent to the Manufacture each Friday so if you order early in the week or on the weekend it may take your order longer to get through the process. As soon as the items are shipped to you we will provide the tracking information provided by the shipper. The total process, depending on what day you place your order, can take 3 to 4 weeks.


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and quarantine issues, we are experiencing extend delivery times of our products to our location when our products are passing through US Customs and this is something we have no direct control over.


To review the Warranty, feel free to read at this link:
Manufactures Limited Warranty



  • Shipping Weight: 15lbs
  • 18 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Tennessee's Honey Bees

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Kellye B.
5 of 5 Stars
John G.
5 of 5 Stars
Amazing price on a very well made Jacket. Previously i had a pull over ventilated jacket but my shoulder gave me issues so went with this one. It seems to be of very good quaility and very happy with it. Look forward to several years of service from it.
Charles S.
5 of 5 Stars
Well worth the money,got both types of veils dor mine and like them both.
Gary D.
5 of 5 Stars
ready for battle if needed!!
Wayne D.
5 of 5 Stars
Excellent product, good price and efficient ordering process
Robert C.
5 of 5 Stars
This is my second and third jacket purchase, I like the one I bought for myself last year that I bought two more for my fellow beeks! Great comfortable well made jackets at a very fair price!

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